Opening Responsibilities

1. Unlock the front door

2. Turn off alarm

3. Turn on the lights.

4. Stop call forwarding

a. dial *73 on white desk phone

b. check by calling 610 954 5744 from the magic jack line (if the magic jack phone doesn’t work, try turning the magic jack computer on

5. Turn on the computers.

a. Turn monitor on for Main CAT Computer at front desk

b. Check that Main Computer is on (notify Steve if you have to turn this computer on)

c. Check to see if Back-up computers are on

d. Turn on BBC computer and monitor (password is BBC).  You are welcome to use this computer for personal email, facebook, browsing, etc.   Please do NOT use the Main CAT computer for personal use.

6.  Put out the sandwich sign on sidewalk.

a. Remove any posters that are out of date

b. Post new posters on sign as appropriate

7. Evaluate the site

a. Look for any litter, garbage, graffiti, vandalism, other indications of criminal activity or other problems.  Take care of any small issues, such as putting all dirty rags in the outside garbage container, returning tools to the tool bench and cleaning up any food or garbage left lying around.

b. Add any larger issues to relevant category on the list of opportunities for volunteers

8.  Roll around on Yoga Ball

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