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Volunteer at CAT

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CAT needs your help: email cat@car-free.org.

CAT is volunteer driven. 70 active volunteers giving hundreds of hours are what make CAT so effective. Did you know that it is part of your commitment as member of CAT to give 5 hours of your time as a volunteer to the organization?

Highlighted volunteer in 2011: Carl Bellesfield

Carl worked the SteelStacks monitored bicycle parking for CAT. He was on duty 10 days in a row from 8 to 11PM, closing every night of the festival. He filled in a few times when we needed him earlier in the day, also. Carl bikes everywhere and loves the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative.

The CAT office is up and running, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30AM to 12:30PM and we need volunteers to make it work. Call the CAT Office 610 954 5744 or email cat@car-free.org.

We need help in the office, too.
Click here for information about Office jobs.

Volunteers interested in making a long term commitment should think about becoming a Volunteer Coordinator for 4-10 hours a month.

What can you do every day to help make it easier and more fun to walk, bike and take public transportation in the Lehigh Valley? We’re glad you asked that question!

We need help in the Community to keep the Lehigh Valley safe and convenient for walkers, cyclists and transit users.

Be Our Eyes and Ears in the Community.

Buddy up: Helping the inexperienced.

Adoption: Stewardship of your local bus stop, bike route, sidewalk or trail.

Advocacy: Getting the word out.

All CAT Members are encouraged to take ownership of some fund raising ideas to help CAT move and to pay ongoing CAT bills. Find out more about planning your own fund raising event or helping with an event already planned, write the CAT Director, director@car-free.org.

CAT is a member of the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.

Volunteer for CAT through Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley.

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