2011 Monocacy Way 5K Run Huge Success



CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation showcased the Monocacy Way, Sunday, June 19, 2011 with an early morning 5K Run.  The primary purpose:  get more people out using this beautiful urban trail just a 5-minute walk from downtown Bethlehem.

Winners of the $25 gift certificates from Aardvark Sports Shop at the 2011 Monocacy Way 5K Run.

(Presented to the those with the fastest times in each of the following age groups.)


Up to 18 years old: Camilio Serna-Reyes

19-39 years old: Mike Hiscox

40-59 years old: Brendan Kennelly

60+ years old: Tony Karwacki



Up to 18 years old: Rachel Finch

19-39 years old: Rebecca Fredericks

40-59 years old: Donna Ornosky

60+ years old: Barb Hannigan


The youngest runner:  Rachel Finch 10 years old

The oldest runner:  Tony Karwacki 67 years old

Complete results

Survey for Runners

Timing and race analysis by PeakRace.com.


Other prizes included:

Four $25 gift certificates from Edge Restaurant
One gift certificate for 2 for brunch at the Hotel Bethlehem
One $20 gift certificate to the Bethlehem Brew Works

Gift certificate results

(See pictures of the Monocacy Way and the views as you run along it.)

This event organized by CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation volunteers.

CAT is an advocate for local trail use in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  Many car trips can be avoided by using local trails for recreation.  CAT volunteers work hard to make local trails pleasant and popular through programs to pick-up litter and provide walking/jogging buddies.  Many CAT volunteers “adopt” trails that need extra looking after.

During the 1990’s and early 21st Century CAT “Love Your Local Trail” program was successful along the Lehigh Canal Towpath in East Bethlehem, Freemansburg and Bethlehem Township.  People used to avoid this part of the towpath.  Now it is a popular jogging, walking and biking linear park. Today CAT focuses the Love Your Local Trail program on the Monocacy Way.  CAT wants to make this urban Bethlehem trail more pleasant & popular, too.  So far, the MW5K has had a very positive impact on the trail with many more people using it every day.

November 16, 2010                                  June 14, 2011

   Erosion Problems Corrected in Time for Monocacy Way 5K

The Bethlehem Police Department co-sponsors the MW5K.  The Department stables the police horses at Burnside Plantation, where the MW5K starts and ends.  The MW5K is also sponsored by HRP Management LLC, Michael F. Ronca, Inc., Aardvark Sports Shop, Edge Restaurant, Aykroyd Hardware, Hotel Bethlehem, KNBT Bank, Abe Beer Distributors, Mexico Lindo, Bethlehem Brew Works and the Northampton County Juvenile Probation Community Service Department.

Parking: Martin Tower parking lot accessed off 8th Avenue opposite Lowe’s in Bethlehem.

Our thanks to our sponsors:
City of Bethlehem
Aardvark Sports Shop
Edge Restaurant
Hotel Bethlehem
HRP Management
Mexico Lindos
Michael F. Ronca, Inc.
Abe’s Cold Beer
Bethlehem Brew Works
Northampton County Juvenile Probation Community Service Department

2011 Budget

CAR-FREE CAT homepage

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