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February 2011 eNews

  February 2011 CAR-FREE eNews

Gary Fisher Visits the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative

Don’t Miss the Most Important Meeting of the Year

We Love You Hector Nemes!


No Pedestrian Crossing Sign – Catasauqua Rd., Hanover Twp.

  Bike Some Where Today

Dave Trautmann took this shot.  A CAT member 

can park a bike inside the BBC for $5/month.

First Meeting Set for $243,600 Bicycle Education Contract

Chile Festival Bike Ride Set for April 30, 2011

Bethlehem Bike Day Set for April 30, 2011

Cheston Bike Derby Set for May 14, 2001

Now’s a GREAT Time to Take Bicycle Mechanics!

All bike mechanic classes & shop hours listed on the BBC Calendar

Love Your Local Trail

5K Run Set for June 19th to Benefit the Monocacy Way

Adopt-a-Park Charlie’s Clearing Walks Return on Sundays


Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative Calendar

Latest BBC eNewsCool Bikes Offered to Traffic Skills 101 Grads ONLY

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative is open to BBC Members
Every Thursday evening 5-9 PM and Saturdays 8AM to 4PM

Help Improve Lehigh Valley Public Transportation

Renew Your Annual Membership in CAT & the BBC

Generation Y Steering Clear of Car Ownership

Rogue Riders/Ped Conflicts/Confusing Facilities Causing NYC Bicycle Backlash

Yet Another CAR-FREE website


       Enjoy the Environment

CAT Office Calendar

CAT Special Events Calendar
Celebrate Community

Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial
Our congratulations to CAT Board Member, Kevin Easterling, for the unveiling of the new
Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial in Allentown on Martin Luther King Day, January 17,2011. Easterling is the Director of the Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial Project of the Lehigh Valley Inc.

NPR Reports Car Crashes Leading Cause of Child Deaths

Interested a CAT “Geocache” event?- email cat@car-free.org

You can help someone get to work by donating a bicycle, see more here.

CAR-FREE CAT 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes
CAT Memberships Off to Good Start in 2011

2011 CAR-FREE CAT Volunteer LeadershipMinutes From CAT Leadership Meeting 1/17/2011

CAT MEMBERS JOINING OR RENEWINGsince January 1, 2011, in alphabetical order by last name.

Please let us know if you are not listed correctly!

  1. Donna Allison
  2. Kasean Boyd
  3. John Catino
  4. Malinda Clatterbuck
  5. Pamela J. Coligan
  6. John B Conneen
  7. Anne Conners
  8. John Cosgrove
  9. Amy Dech
  10. Jonathan DeVries
  11. Kelly M. DiLeo
  12. Nikolai Dimoff
  13. Cathy Frankenberg
  14. Alexis Gurinko
  15. Evelyn Hauck
  16. Darlene Heller
  17. Margot Hillman
  18. Tomias Hinchcliff
  19. Bill & Peg Hoffman
  20. Becky Hughes
  21. Ken Hughes
  22. Eric Hunter
  23. Eugene Hunter
  24. Bryce Joganich
  25. Carrie Kauffman
  26. Steven Kraft
  27. Barrett Ladd
  28. Paul Larios
  29. Dave Leibert
  30. Valerie Livingston
  31. Charles Lyman
  32. Joyce Marin
  33. Paul Marin
  34. Benjamin Marston
  35. Edward Marston
  36. Theresa Marston
  37. Vera Marston
  38. Damion Miller
  39. Mark Mitman
  40. Vu Nguyen
  41. Robert O. Peruzzi
  42. J. Dietrich Reisenberger
  43. Jonah Rodriguez
  44. Barbara O. Rowley
  45. Lynette A. Sanchez
  46. Steve Schmitt
  47. Robert Simons
  48. Scott Slingerland
  49. Russ Snyder
  50. Hansel de Sousa
  51. Sam Steffen
  52. John Tocado
  53. Sallie Urffer
  54. Sue Williams
  55. Selene Yeager
  56. Ronald J. Young, Jr.
  57. Patrick Ytsma

Individual Membership is $25/person/year

Family/Household Membership is $50/year



New BBC Memberships during 2011


John Catino
Jonathan DeVries
Eric Hunter
Eugene Hunter
Carrie Kauffman
Hansel de Sousa
Russ Snyder
Sam Steffen
Malinda Clatterbuck
Kelly M. DiLeo
Evelyn Hauck
Robert O. Peruzzi
Scott Walker
Patrick Ytsma
Anne Connors
Tomias Hinchcliff
Bryce Joganich
Barbara O. Rowley
Robert Simons
John Tocado

Learn more HERE about CAT/BBC Membership Options and Benefits

Our special thanks to those making a donation beyond dues:

Pat Corpora
Tomias Hinchcliff

John Tocado

Dave Trautmann

Roy Young


            Read other CAR-FREE CAT eNews from the past.

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