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Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews
Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for Members and Guests every Saturday from 8AM to 4PM.  We are located at 14 West Raspberry Street in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


     BBC Member Hugo Ceron works on his neighbor’s bike, cleaning and lubing the drive train.


CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:Cathy Frankenberg
Came in to have tires pumped up before LEPOCO bike-a-thon.  (Scott is working this morning checking bikes at the start of LEPOCO bike-a-thon.)  Steve recommended a full bike check and tune-up.  Meanwhile encouraged Cathy not to use front derailleur.  Cleaned and lubed drive train.  Checked brakes (need cable maintenance).  Cathy would benefit from basic bicycle education.
Hugo Ceron

Worked on neighbor’s 20-year old bike that hasn’t been ridden in years.  Bartering for neighbor to build a cat tower for Hugo.  On his neighbor’s bike Hugo and Steve conducted a complete check.  First cleaning and lubing the drive train, then using that rag to clean the frame.  Check the frame for cracks.  Checking all bearings, head set needs rebuild.  Bike is old enough that if ridden seriously will quickly need hubs and bottom bracket rebuilds too.  Horribly squeaky and rubbing rear brake fixed; pads replaced and brakes adjusted.  Steve recommends old child seat on back of bike be removed.  Steve recommends neighbor comes in next time for basic bike education.

Jason Radine

Tires pumped up from 50 to 100 PSI.  Drive train cleaned and lubed.  Water bottle cage attached.  New water bottle; filled with filtered water.
Jason Radine
Came back with broken pedal and Steve replaced both pedals.

Brandon Leydic
New member, bought two used forks and some other stuff.

Bike Education:

Traffic Skills 101

Steve went over lighting with Hugo Ceron outside while Ron Teodora was vacuuming the shop.


Bicycle Heaven Starts Here Rides:

Every Saturday there are rides starting at 10AM & 2PM to the destination of your choice.  No rides today because there is only one instructor in the shop.Charlene Blacer brought in a new folding bike she bought.  Steve made a few corrections to the way it was pre-assembled (Charlene bought the bike from Amazon.com).  Steve recommended Charlene take her bike to a full-service bike shop for correct assembly.Take the classroom portion of Traffic Skills 101 online

Kids One
Chloe Blacer went for a ride with Steve Schmitt on the basic skills course.  She is just mastering riding a bicycle and borrowed a bike to work on her balance and stamina.

Kids Two

Richard Blacer also went for a ride with Steve Schmitt on the basic skills course.  He is coming back to riding after the winter off.  He is relearning how to start and stop properly.

Cycle Safety Assessment


Park Tool Mechanic Class

Steve worked with Hugo Ceron on replacing brake pads, adjusting rear brake.  Taught Jason Radine and Hugo Ceron how to clean and lube drive train.  Gave Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal an overview of bicycle recycling.

BBC Calendar has Bicycle Mechanic Class Dates


New & Renewing Members:

Marie Rosenthal
Brandon Leydic

Join Online Now!


Ron Teodora vacuumed, swept and emptied the garbage containers.


Volunteer hours:
Ron Teodora 1 hour

Mr. & Mrs. Rosenthal donated four used bikes.


CAT Member John Hoffer parks his bike here while he goes about his business.
CAT Member Lee Poole-Smith worked a bit to clean the print heads on the printer.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s) on duty:
  Scott Slingerland
-Bike Director, 1 hour prep, 3 hours LEPOCO Bike-a-thon, 4 hours South Side celebration at the Library. LCI, Steve Schmitt 8.5 hours @ BBC.


Weather: A beautiful Spring day, a little overcast and windy.

Opening Responsibilities: (Steve)

Unlock the front door, turn off alarm. Turn on the lights.  Turn on the computers. Put out the red cones to slow traffic.  Evaluate 14 West Raspberry Street site and the Lehigh Valley Bike/Ped/Transit Center for litter, garbage, graffiti, vandalism, any criminal activity or other problems.    Check CAT facility bathroom and clean if necessary.
Closing Responsibilities: (Steve)

Bring in the red cones; clean BBC; empty all garbage cans in BBC; put away all tools; turn off computers except CAT #5; close and lock downstairs windows, turn off all lights, close all doors, set alarm, lock front door.


CASH/CHECKS Received (Put in lockbox) + credit card payments

Mrs. Rosenthal paid $25 by Google Checkout

Brandon Leydic paid $25 by Google Checkout

Join the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative and you can use our Park Tool Set from Noon to 4 PM any Saturday!

Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative?    Write the Volunteer Coordinator.

Today, the BBC is sponsored in part by Google Inc., Genesis Bicycles and Apex Management .

Perhaps you would like to sponsor all or some part of the days’ events. We need help paying for helmets, instructor time and other bills. It costs about $150 for Thursday evening and $500 for all day Saturday to run the BBC.  A significant contribution towards these costs by you or your business will be prominently displayed as a sponsor for the day including documentation within this report.  Please write the Bike Director

   See other BBC Reports.                      



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