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Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Sat. Sept. 7, 2013

Audrey Hepburn, cycle and dog chic, 1957

Bicycle Heaven Rides:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel comfortable riding your bicycle to your favorite trail?

For just $5, ($10 for the entire family) you can have a personal lesson from a League of American Bicyclists’ certified Cycling Instructor at your home. He or she will check out your bike, review some basic skills and then ride with you to your chosen destination. Call 610 954 5744 for details.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is an educational bike shop open for members and guests Thursdays from 5PM to 9PM and Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM. The BBC is here to help you enjoy the trip more than ever.

Andeana made this film: CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation

Daily guest passes are ONLY $5 for an individual and $10 for a family!

Important news for cyclists: Allentown 200+ Installs Shared Lane Markings

Today’s Bicycle Quotation:

“”Poetry is to language what the bicycle is to transportation.”

* If you have a favorite quotation or an interesting story about cycling please share as a comment below and maybe next week we will feature it in our post :)

Members use BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

Carl Bellesfield continues to work on fixing up a bike. He is starting with a specialized mountain bike donated by Devin Donovan. He has replaced the saddle, the pedals, the tires and the front reflector. He also pumped up the tires, lubed his chain and put a water bottle holder on the bike. Today he is putting on a rear rack and dealing with a problematic crank. Master Mechanic, Frank Pavlick is helping him.

Steve pumped up his tires and cleaned/lubricated his chain.

Ben Marsden worked for a long time trying to fix a click on his bike. It turned out to be a loose bolt on his derailleur. Bike Director, Scott Slingerland helped him with the repair.

Dan from Action Wheels came in for a one piece triple crank we took off an old bike.

Scott Slingerland inspected his bike.

Frank Pavlick set up a bike for Steve to use in Vermont.

The BBC offers education classes, Bicycle Heaven Rides and the Bicycle Library program.

Bike Education Available:

Basic Bicycle Education

Today we offer a FREE helmet for any child under 10 who comes in with a parent/guardian and bicycle.

Traffic Skills 101

Scott Slingerland shows Tom Kester the BBC brochure with our educational offerings.

Basic Bicycle Mechanics

Frank gave Carl Bellesfield some tips on preventative maintenance.

Advanced Bicycle Mechanics

Frank Pavlick taught Steve Schmitt how to prepare and pack a bike for shipping.

Cycle Safety Assessment

Bike Library Activity (See what’s available now!)

The B.O.B. trailer is a great way to haul whatever you need, especially on a trail or other narrow route.
The recumbent bike is available right now. An excellent option for a CAT member to try upon returning to cycling after work on their back.

New & renewing members this month:

The Lader family, John Tocado’s family and Derek Vacchino.

Go to CAR-FREE.ORG to join or renew.

This week’s donations:

Tom Kester donated a bunch of stuff including a panasonic high bar wonder bike.

The BBC accepts donations of bicycles, bike parts, tools and supplies on Thursdays from 5-9PM and Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM at 1935 W Broad St. in Bethlehem. We provide a receipt for all contributions and we are a 501(c)3 educational charity under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Recent Visitors:

Andeana made this film: CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s) on duty:

  • Frank Pavlick
  • Scott Slingerland
  • Mary Ann Winterhoff
  • Steve Schmitt

Volunteer Coordinators:

  • Steve

Volunteer coordinator is responsible for the report each time the BBC is open. S/he has everyone sign-in, tracks members, registers activities, records class participation, maintains paperwork and takes pictures. If you think you might enjoy this job email Christin@car-free.org today.

jobs for volunteers


Quang and Khiem Vo installed a security camera system donated by our landlord, Barrett Ladd.

Volunteers Needed:

We need help for everything from website work to picking up litter. Call 610 954 5744 or email cat@CAR-FREE.ORG to volunteer today.


Hot and humid. Get used to it.

High Temperature: 80 degrees F

Expected Precipitation: 20% chance

Donate to the helmet campaign on CAR-FREE.ORG. It costs $10 to protect a child’s head.

Do you want walkable communities, more bicycling & better transit? Join CAT Today

CAT Members receive the CAR-FREE eNews by email twice a month
Only Members may participate in most CAT Events, Rides or Classes

Use any credit card to join online right now.

New or renewing members qualify for CAR-FREE clothing with reflective Shared Lane Marking.


$50.00 – One Year Family/Household CAT Membership

Become a Bronze BBC and use our Park Tool Set from 8am to 4 PM any Saturday! Become a Silver or Gold BBC member and enjoy our Bicycle Library See information about Membership levels here Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative? Write the Volunteer Coordinator. Today, the BBC is sponsored in part by Genesis Bicycles, Barrett Ladd and Google.

Opening Responsibilities:

  • Steve

Closing Responsibilities:

  • Steve

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