Jun 17

2014 Monocacy Way 5K Run Showcases Urban Trail

Sunday, June 15, 2014, 9AM

The Monocacy Way 5k Run celebrates this beautiful urban trail along the Monocacy Creek in Bethlehem.

The MW5K is a family event with runners of all ages from 8 to 80. Brian Schafer provides professional timing for the event and all results are posted online.

Overall Winners: 

Men – Alex Fitch 17:52

Women – Jennifer Bougher 25:03

Winners’ Prizes:

Alex Fitch – Shiatsu Massage from Armstrong Shiatsu

Jennifer Bougher – Reflexology from Sandra Stola/Profiles Hair Salon

The following age group winners receive $25 gift certificates from Aardvark Sports Shop.

18 and under female winner

Caitlin 28:06


18 and under male

Paul Grocholske 20:42


19-39 year old female

Caroline Fitch 25:33


19-39 year old male

Joseph Leeson 19:47


40-59 year old female

Jeri Sturges 29:58


40-59 year old male

James Kissmiller 21.59


over 60 years old female

Bonnie Mfarej 35:56


over 60 years old male

Brad Westhafer 31:39

Father/daughter/son teams received special prizes from our sponsors, Profiles Hair Salon, Road-ID, CAT, Hello Burrito and Backdoor bakeshop.

Timing and start/finish provided by Brian Schafer

Results posted on coolrunning.com

Anyone who took pictures during this event, please share them with director@car-free.org

Food provided for all runners from Hello Burrito.

Bananas, oranges and apples provided by Chris Vitalos

Bottled water from Lowe’s.

All proceeds benefit CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation trail programs to keep the Monocacy Way.safe and pleasant.  “Thanks to the efforts of our Parks & Public Property Department we have a beautiful trail that is just a 5 minute walk from downtown Bethlehem,” says CAT Director, Steve Schmitt. “The more people who use the trail, the safer for all users.” CAT started working on the Monocacy Way more than a decade ago with the legendary Director of Parks & Public Property, Charlie Brown. Trail use continues to climb every year.

If you would like to help with CAT’s trail programs, please call or email the CAT Secretary, Heather@car-free.org or 610 954 5744

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 CAR-FREE CAT homepage


  1. Steve Schmitt

    We just found out runners and their friends/family can park on the back lot at Martin’s Towers once again. Thank you HRP Management!

  2. Chris Vitalos

    We had a great event yesterday, and we have been receiving “thank you” emails today 6/16 from the runners!

    Heather, Roy, David and Ann were superb with their volunteering yesterday.. Your efforts made a large impact yesterday! Thank you !

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