Mar 15

CAR-FREE CAT 2013 Volunteer Leadership-Approved @ Annual Meeting March 17

Corporate Attorney/Board of Directors &
Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors

Anne Felker, Corporate Attorney 610-861-7737 email address


President Gary Madine, LCI,* email address

Vice-President Roy Young*, Bicycle Commuter, 610-867-2978, email address

Treasurer Anne Connors,* Legislative Aide -State Representative Steve Samuelson’s Office, 610 867-3890, email address

 Kevin Easterling, Director – Martin & Coretta King Memorial Foundation, 610 799-1250, email address

Edwin Kay, Professor, Lehigh University, 610 758-3623, email address

Charles Lyman, Bethlehem Historic District, email address

John Schubert,  Co-chair, PA Pedalcycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee to the Legislature, 610-282-3085, email address

Brian Sherry*, LCI  email address

Jennifer Swann*, Professor, Lehigh University

John Tocado, email address

Selene Yeager, LCI, Bicycling Writer, Fitness Expert, email address

 *2013 CAR-FREE CAT Executive Committee

Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors

Martha Christine, email address

Chris Cocca, Air Quality Partnership Consultant

Robert J. Donchez, Mayor, City of Bethlehem

Pat Corpora, Direct Marketing Consultant, 610-867-0915, email address

Van Duong, Computer Expert, email address

Cathy Frankenberg, Member, Bethlehem City Council

Steven Glickman, Chair, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission

Alexis Gurinko, Founder, Lexie’s Dream, 610 866-6550, email address

Esther Y. Guzman, Urban Activist email address

Tomias Hinchcliff, Owner, Genesis Bicycles

Barrett Ladd,Trek Representative, Tri State Area

Frank Pavlick, Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative Shop Manager, email address

Doug Pinkerton, Valley Mountain Bikers, email address

Wendy Riedy, Bethlehem Resident email address

Barbara O. Rowley, Pedestrian Advocateemail address

.Jason D. Schiffer, Police Commissioner, Retired, Bethlehem Police Department, 610 865 7262

Scott Slingerland, CAR-FREE CAT Bike Director, email address

Kevin Stewart, American Lung Association, 610-867-4100, email address

Wayne Strader, CPA, Strader & Associates, stradercpa.com

Sallie Urffer, 610-554-2931,email address

Julie Vitale, Transit & Cycling Commuter, email address

Dr. Frederick Walker, LCI, email address

Gary Warren, LCI email address

Nancy Wilt, Office Administrator – State Senator Lisa Boscola, 610-868-8667 email address

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