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January 21, 2013 CAR-FREE Leadership Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: Monday January 21, 2013-6:30PM

Location:  State Legislator Steve Samuelson’s Office

104 East Broad Street Bethlehem  PA 18018  (map)

Monday, January 21, 2013 was Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day


CAR-FREE Leadership Meeting Agenda

Treasurer’s Report

Director’s Report

If you are interested in helping CAT/CAR-FREE.ORG plan our annual meeting on March 17th at the Bethlehem Police Training Center on Guetter Street please email the CAT Director.


CAR-FREE leadership meeting
Monday 11/19/12-6:30PM

Present:  Director, Steve Schmitt; Advisory Committee Members, Jennifer Swann & LCI J. Reisenberger; Vice-President, Roy Young; and Treasurer, Anne Connors.

Cat meeting
Monday 11/19/12

Members present
Jennifer Swann
Anne Connors
J. Reasenberger
Roy Young


  1. river port
    1. location is small

  • parking garage behind the elevators  – storage room on each of 2 and 3rd floor
  • no windows
  • air conditioner (doesn’t work on the 2nd floor) and heater

  1. condo association is in conflict with the parking associations

  • pays for every parking place (40.00 each/ month) 75 spots on second floor should be maintained by the parking authority is supposed to take care of the deck and they do not  (i.e. vomit, blood, urine is not removed)
  • 300-400 parking place in the garage
  • rented to Lehigh students and lower income
  • and ends are empty most of the time
  • called a friend in the a parking authority who promised to fix the problem but nothing happened (meeting never occurred)

  1. there is no place to put the bikes

  • put the two racks in the slots that have a beam in them this caused problems – the renters used them but the owners wanted hem to go

  1. there is not signage so no one can find the shop
  2. people smoke right outside the door.
  3. Problems with the agreement

  • cut a check for the parking authority – had to ask where to send the check should be sent to even 2 months after it was due.
  • The cooperative has cleaned and patrolled the area
  • 2 year lease – can we break it?  Talk to Anne.
  • Keep the 3rd floor because its Franks place
  • Could use the trailer at the buss station – he has taught mechanics in that shop

  1. BBC west

  • Held up by electrical, ceiling and floor –
    1. Need a permit – have electricians that will work for half his normal rate
    2. Master electrician will pull the permit for 200.00 and will follow-up
    3. 300.00 person on will do it and walk away
    4. Jay could get a list to Anne  Connors
    5. Sunday and Saturday from 10- 4
    6. John and jay Count bikes on Wednesday 3-11
  • Can move in maybe 2-6 weeks
  • Jay, christen, Ed Kay Gary L eider have helped out
  • Check mailed to Garret
  • Two programs –1.riding to the trail –greater percentage than ride to Giant. 2. Bike mechanic class (2 held by frank and 1 by?)
  • Amazing support from local bike shops
  • 55 million dollar parking deck in Bethlehem to be built.
    • Not coming along well but CAT is welcome there
    • Tom Hartley will be running the building
  • Need more financial to support the program cleaning Broad and Getter bus terminal
    • Great program
    • Keeps the place clean
    • Need to get a letter from the supervisor for support

Zip car possibility of the Lehigh class
Need to define what the class will do

Loss of jobs

Shortage of gas

career link and work ready may be able to provide stats and transportation issues – especially the late shifts



Spread sheets for bike counts

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balances 10/31/2012 $4728.14 &  11/30/2012 $8441.78

On December 10, 2012, the Lehigh Riverport Condominium Association formally rejected CAT/CAR-FREE.ORG’s request to lease any one parking spot on the second or third floor of the Riverport Parking Garage effectively ending the possibility of our operating a bike cooperative in the parking garage.  The Association also prohibited us from having a garbage container in the garage, from posting no smoking signs around the BBC or painting directional signage anywhere in the garage.  It is our intention to move the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative from the Riverport Parking Garage to 1935 West Broad Street (BBC West) by January 14.


  • Zip Car Report


Jennifer Swann working to have  Lehigh class work on a proposal for brining hourly car rental to the Lehigh Valley.  She will work with Steve to define what the class will do.  CareerLink and Work Ready  Programs may be able to provide stats and transportation issues – especially the late shifts

  • Funding: 

CAT is looking into submitting a funding proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Association for disaster preparedness to fund bicycle education and other supportive programming to enable the use of bicycles if there is a shortage of gasoline.


  • Bicycle Education

During the winter months CAR/CAR-FREE.ORG will focus on bicycle mechanic classes as we do each winter because many cyclists like to take mechanic classes during the winter.  Also we are working on promoting our “Ride the Trail” class at full service bike shops.  During the Holidays we offer FREE basic bicycle education to anyone buying a bicycle from a full-service bike shop in the Lehigh Valley. Buy your bike from a full-service bike shop & get FREE BikeEd!

We also promote riding to Touchstone Theatre for the Christmas City Follies.  Bike to Touchstone’s Christmas City Follies: See for FREE!


1337 E. 5th St (CAR-FREE.ORG administrative office)

CAT Leadership meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Monday at 6:30PM. If you are driving to the meeting consider sharing the ride. Maybe you need a ride? Either way, email or call the office so we can match you up. cat@car-free.org or 610 954 5744.


 Whether or not you can attended the leadership meeting, please take a moment to fill out this form online, where you can update your contact information, tell us what concerns you have and how we can make CAR-FREE CAT more effective:

Tell us more about you so we can improve our programs

Last CAR-FREE.ORG Leadership Meeting Minutes


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