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Construction at New Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative Complete

All new floor and ceiling at the New BBC!

We are now located at 1935 W. Broad St. in Bethlehem

A great team effort by League Cycling Instructor, Gary Warren; CAT vice-president, Roy Young; CAT Members John Hoffer & John Perkins and CAT Secretary Christin Hottenstein has finished the construction at the New Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative!  The new site has a new floor and ceiling, three coats of paint on every wall and new lighting.  It looks fabulous!

We passed our fire inspection and our occupancy inspection, too.  The difference between now and just one month ago is dramatic.  Our thanks to John Perkins for taking this project under his wing and making it happen.  As always, CAR-FREE vice-president, Roy Young, provided whatever construction expertise and tools was lacking and a lot of hard work, too.  League Cycling Instructor, Gary Warren, is proving to be a great worker also at our new site so close to his home. We have plans to start moving soon.  Call or email CAT Bike Director Scott Slingerland if you want to help with the move: director@car-free.org or 845 430 6552.

Thank you Master Electrician and CAT Member Gene Hunter for pulling the electrical permit for the City of Bethlehem and forging ahead on the rewiring and replacing the light fixtures.  This was our main obstacle to gaining our occupancy permit and opening the facility.   Gene finished the work January 10th.  We now have legal wiring and all new brighter, more efficient lights, thanks to Master Electrician, Gene Hunter.  Landlord Barrett Ladd paid for the materials.

We are now hoping to have the BBC West up and running during February, 2013. The hours will be Thursday evenings 5-9PM and Saturdays 8AM to 4PM to start.  The BBC offers education classesBicycle Heaven Rides and the Bicycle Library program.

Our thanks to Barrett Ladd, the owner of the property for his generous rental terms, which make this site possible for a bike cooperative. Barrett has also put money into electric wiring and materials to get the site ready for occupancy. You can see Barrett’s Trek Transport given to BBC West in the picture above of the front window of the BBC West.

During February the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative will be open only by appointment.  So if you want to service your bike or talk to a certified instructor about your ride, please call ahead! 610 954 5744

We are now located at 1935 W. Broad St. in Bethlehem

If you want to visit the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) as either a member or guest please email cat@car-free.org or call 610 954 5744 and make an appointment.  Appointments made for Thursdays from 5-9pm and Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM will be no problem, but if you don’t call or email ahead you might find the door locked or that we have moved.  Appointments at other times will be possible depending upon the availability of certified instructors.

Bike Education:

Bike Library Activity (See what’s available now!)

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Become a Bronze BBC and use our Park Tool Set from 8am to 4 PM any Saturday! Become a Silver or Gold BBC member and enjoy our Bicycle Library See information about Membership levels here Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative? Write the Volunteer Coordinator. The BBC is sponsored in part by Google, Genesis Bicycles and many other local businesses.

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