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CAR-FREE.ORG Leadership Meeting Minutes – Monday, Nov 19 2012 6:30PM

December CAR-FREE leadership meeting canceled for holidays.

CAR-FREE leadership meeting
Monday 11/19/12-6:30PM

Present:  Director, Steve Schmitt; Advisory Committee Members, Jennifer Swann & LCI J. Reisenberger; Vice-President, Roy Young; and Treasurer, Anne Connors.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bank balances 10/31/2012 $4728.14 &  11/30/2012 $8441.78

On December 10, 2012, the Lehigh Riverport Condominium Association formally rejected CAT/CAR-FREE.ORG’s request to lease any one parking spot on the second or third floor of the Riverport Parking Garage effectively ending the possibility of our operating a bike cooperative in the parking garage.  The Association also prohibited us from having a garbage container in the garage, from posting no smoking signs around the BBC or painting directional signage anywhere in the garage.  It is our intention to move the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative from the Riverport Parking Garage to 1935 West Broad Street (BBC West) by January 14.

  • Zip Car Report


Jennifer Swann working to have  Lehigh class work on a proposal for brining hourly car rental to the Lehigh Valley.  She will work with Steve to define what the class will do.  CareerLink and Work Ready  Programs may be able to provide stats and transportation issues – especially the late shifts

  • Funding: 

CAT is looking into submitting a funding proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Association for disaster preparedness to fund bicycle education and other supportive programming to enable the use of bicycles if there is a shortage of gasoline.


  • Bicycle Education

During the winter months CAR/CAR-FREE.ORG will focus on bicycle mechanic classes as we do each winter because many cyclists like to take mechanic classes during the winter.  Also we are working on promoting our “Ride the Trail” class at full service bike shops.  During the Holidays we offer FREE basic bicycle education to anyone buying a bicycle from a full-service bike shop in the Lehigh Valley. Buy your bike from a full-service bike shop & get FREE BikeEd!

We also promote riding to Touchstone Theatre for the Christmas City Follies.  Bike to Touchstone’s Christmas City Follies: See for FREE!

 If you are interested in helping CAT/CAR-FREE.ORG plan our annual meeting in January of 2013 please email the CAT Director.

1337 E. 5th St (CAR-FREE.ORG administrative office)

CAT Leadership meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Monday at 6:30PM at the Board Room in the Forté Building. (December Meeting Canceled for the holidays. ) If you are driving to the meeting consider sharing the ride. Maybe you need a ride? Either way, email or call the office so we can match you up. cat@car-free.org or 610 954 5744.

Monday Meetings begin at 6:30PM

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