Oct 20

BBC West Work Party Sunday Noon- 4PM October 21, 2012

Front window of the BBC West

There will be a work crew Sunday, October 21, from Noon to 4PM at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative West, 1935 Broad Street. So far, J. Reisenberger, Christin Hottenstein, Tim Miles, John Hoffer and Anne Connors have agreed to help. The jobs include painting, putting down tile, putting hooks & wires up to hold up the drop ceiling, plus cleaning. You can help, too, we could use another 5 people to get as much done as possible on Sunday. Just come down Sunday between Noon an 4PM to 1935 Broad Street in Bethlehem. For more information about the work party email cat@car-free.org or call 610 954 5744.  Our thanks to J. Reisenberger, Christin Hottenstein, Tim Miles, John Hoffer and Ed Kay for working last week.  Almost half the floor was resurfaced and most the walls painted once, half of them with two coats.

We are now hoping to have the BBC West up and running by December 1, 2012. The hours will be Wednesday evenings 5-9PM and Sundays Noon to 4PM to start.

Our thanks to Barrett Ladd, the owner of the property for his generous rental terms, which make this site possible for a bike cooperative. Barrett has also put money into electric wiring and materials to get the site ready for occupancy. You can see Barrett’s Trek Transport given to BBC West in the picture above of the front window of the BBC West.

Our thanks also to CAR-FREE CAT vice-President, Roy Young, for donating tools for this Sunday’s work party. League Cycling Instructor, J. Reisenberger has taken the lead in getting the place cleaned of garbage and materials that had to be replaced. Sue Hohe helped with moving items into and out of BBC West with her truck. Gary Warren and John-Paul Perkins have also put a lot of effort into getting the site ready to be a bike cooperative.

Master Electrician Needed: We have a qualified electrician bringing the building up to code. He’s working for half his regular hourly rate because he is a cyclist. But we need a master electrician to “pull” the permit. If you can give us a good lead to find a master electrician, please call the CAR-FREE.ORG office 610 954 5744 or email director@car-free.org.



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