Oct 15

CAR-FREE.ORG Leadership Meeting – Monday, Oct 15 2012 6:30PM

1337 E. 5th St (New CAR-FREE.ORG administrative office)

CAT Leadership meetings are scheduled for every 3rd Monday at 6:30PM at the Board Room in the Forté Building. If you are driving to the meeting consider sharing the ride. Maybe you need a ride? Either way, email or call the office so we can match you up. cat@car-free.org or 610 954 5744.

Meeting begins at 6:30PM

This evening we will discuss the status of the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative-Riverport.

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative

11 W. 2nd St. (New Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative site)

The new BBC is on the 2nd floor in the parking garage of Starters/Steel Fitness and the Riverport Condominium Association (see map). The space is much smaller than our existing site, but is large enough to continue our education classes, Bicycle Heaven Rides and Bicycle Library program.

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