Oct 01

Thoughts on a Mountain Bike

First climb, lungs and legs burning
Crisp Autumn air, leaves crackling under the tires
Sweat begins to build
No sound but the hush of the tires on dirt and my breathing
Finally reach the top of the climb, beautiful view
Fast descent down the backside of the mountain
Wind rushing by my ears,
The sound of the tires pounding the dirt, leaves and rocks
The beautiful silence when we are airborne
The senses overwhelmed by the rush of trees, rocks and branches
Pick your line, shift your weight
The wonderful blur of the downhill
It turns so quickly to the steep climb back to the top
Lungs burning, legs screaming
The metallic taste of blood in your throat as your lungs give everything they have
The rising rush of endorphins finally hits…the best high there is
The ride settles down. Long climbs back to the top.
The reality of 43 trips around the sun and how fast I used to be…
The beauty of the woods and wildlife so close to me.
Thankful for this ride.
I hope there are more.


Jason Schiffer

Police Commissioner

City of Bethlehem


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