Aug 08

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative Moves

We have moved the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative to its new home inside the parking garage at Riverport in South Bethlehem. The address is 11 W. 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, Bethlehem, 18015.  We are now working to maintain our Bicycle Library, Bicycle Education Classes and general support services for cyclists on Thursday evenings and Saturdays, with as little interruption as possible.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) has helped thousands of cyclists over the last 15 years at our two previous locations at 60 W. Broad and 14 W. Raspberry Streets.  With the support of our new landlord, the Bethlehem Parking Authority we expect to help thousands more cyclists over the next 15 years.

There is an important meeting of the CAR-FREE.ORG leadership Monday, August 15, at the Forté Building (1337 East Fifth Street in South Bethlehem) where our administrative office is located. If you want to help plan the next upgrade of the BBC consider attending the meeting. If you are driving to the meeting consider sharing the ride. Maybe you need a ride? Either way, email or call the CAR-FREE CAT office 610 954 574 so we can match you up.

People & Stuff We Need

We need volunteers:

To scan historical CAR-FREE documents.

To finish sheetrocking the ceiling of the first floor at 14 W. Raspberry before we move.  We have a professional leading, but need labor.

To make phone calls or knock on doors to ask CAT members and the public for donations.

Volunteers can just drop in during regular BBC North hours, Thursdays 5-9PM and Saturdays 8AM to 4PM. Or if you want to work some other time please call or email the CAR-FREE.ORG office: 610 954 5744 or cat@car-free.org.

Things we need:

a hand scanner

hard wired land line telephones for the new office

dehumidifier (we got one, thank you Dave Rehrig)

truck with or without driver to move stuff (Thank you Sylvia Wamsley, Roy Young, Shotgun Johnny, Graham Stanford and Sue Hohe for your transport assistance so far, we can still use some truck or van trips.)

Emergency Moving Fund

Unfortunately we will face additional costs in order to move including inspection fees, printing, overlapping rental payments and utility start-up expenses. So please consider renewing your CAR-FREE CAT membership and/or your BBC Membership today If, in addition, you could make a donation to the Emergency Moving Fund it would help a lot. Use any credit card through our home page or mail a check to CAT at 1337 East Fifth Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Thank you all for your continued support of traveling by bike.

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