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Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Saturday July 28, 2012


Please consider coming down to help.

Can’t come down? Consider renewing your CAT Membership.

Thank you Rick Wolff, Roberta Wolff, Scott Young and Roy Young for helping with the move today!

Thank you David Rehrig for renewing your CAT membership.

Thank you Martha Christine for renewing your family CAT membership and donating some extra money, also.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for members/guests Thursdays from 5-9pm and Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM.

We are located at 14 West Raspberry in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but not for long.  We will soon be on the second floor of the parking deck for the condos at Riverport, address 11 W 2nd St, zip 18015.

Read more about the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative online.

A Lot to Move!

We must move the BBC North

Today anyone learning to ride on a Bicycle Heaven Ride gets a premium today. We have t-shirts, bike jerseys and other swag. Want to learn to ride from your home, give us a call and we will send an instructor out to your place.

Anyone going on any Bicycle Heaven Ride will receive a FREE bicycle safety check.

Everybody who comes in this afternoon gets free fruit from Edible Arrangements.

CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

Gary Warren replaced his bottom bracket and chain with help from Lee Poole-Smith.

Steve pumped up the tires on the bugger trailer so he could move a box of stuff to his apt., the refrigerator to Frank’s new office, and the vacuum cleaner over to 11 W. 2nd.

Steve put a new cover on his head set.

Bike Education:

Gary Warren received instruction on replacing a bottom bracket and chain.

Steve, Lee and Janneke Bos worked out how to avoid chain suck on the recumbent.  Don’t shift unless the bike is moving forward and the pedals are turning the cranks forward, too.  Watch the chain does not come off the chain wheel when pushing the bike backwards.  Immediately stop moving the bike or the crank set if the chain comes off the freewheel.

New & Renewing CAR-FREE Members Today:

David Rehrig

Martha Christine and family



Rick and Roberta Wolff

Janneke and Gwen Bos de Camp

Bike Library Activity:

Steve and Lee evaluated the current bike library offerings looking for something for Gary Warren.  There isn’t any thing just right at the moment.

Malaka Soliman is going to try the recumbent.  Janneke is going to train her.  Lee Poole-Smith had to fix the chain suck issue before Janneke takes the bike to Malaka.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s):

Volunteer Coordinators:

  • Steve Schmitt

We must move. We are catching up with the recycling of scrap, such as wheels that can’t be used. Most of them have to be separated steel from aluminum by cutting the spokes off.

You start with scrap wheels

You cut out all the spokes

Separate the steel hub parts from the aluminum

You end up with a pile of steel scrap

. . . and a pile of aluminum scrap

Lee Poole-Smith does most of the work.


Rick and Roberta Wolff help move.  Rick rides over with Steve to help carry old furniture out of Frank’s new space.  Later Rick uses his motorized vehicle to help take the training bikes over to the new BBC.  Roberta scans so we don’t have to move any paper.  Any body need a file cabinet?

Roy Young takes a bunch of stuff we don’t need until we open the BBC West to his garage.

Consider coming down to staff the front desk.

Lee Poole-Smith and Ron Teodoradid their usual bang-up job.

Anas took this picture of Steve.


Weather Today:

72-88 degrees. Know your air quality www.airqualityaction.org

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Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative? Write the Volunteer Coordinator. Today, the BBC is sponsored in part by Google, Genesis Bicycles and Apex Management .

Opening Responsibilities:

  • Steve

Closing Responsibilities:

  • Steve

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