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Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Saturday June 9, 2012

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for Members and Guests every Thursday from 5-9pm and Saturday from 8AM to 4PM. We are located at 14 West Raspberry in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Today we are having a special block party to Save the BBC North.

DJ Tommy Toones (our neighbor, Tom Reese) is playing loudly enough for the entire neighborhood to hear it.  Starts things off with Bob Marley, Santana, Rolling Stones and other rock classics.  Throughout the day many people coming in the door say they were drawn to our Block Party by Tommy Toones.

Michelle McCann and her 3 year old daughter Riley and her 9 year old son Reese visit with tricycle and bicycle respectively.  Both kids got their helmets fitted by Roy Young and Scott Slingerland.  Reese had his bike checked by Scott and both children rode around the basic skills course on the top of the North Street Garage.  Michelle wants to come back with everyone and this time bring her husband.  Their goal: learn to ride on the towpath. Before she leaves she drops a $20 bill in the SAVE the BBC NORTH jar.

Gary Lader came in with his sons Jacob & Daniel.  Daniel showed us how to fix a flat (with an assist or two from Scott).  Then Gary and the crew took a Bicycle Heaven Ride out Broad Street to their home.  Scott helps Gary demonstrate proper lane position on a very wide busy street (Broad) with parking.

Peter Crownfield visits and paid his annual CAR-FREE.ORG membership dues.  He wants us to expand to the South side because he says cyclists ride against traffic and through red lights too often but notices that on the North side, thanks to 18 years of CAT bicycle education, the cyclists are much more likely to have enough respect for themselves and the other roadway users to obey the law.

Bob Riggs donates an old helmet.

Dave Trautmann stops in and drops a $20 bill in the SAVE the BBC North donation jar.  (Right next to the chocolate covered strawberries.)

Matt Mabus brought back a mountain bike he earned many years ago.  He stuck around and put up posters at nearby businesses and distributed flyers to nearby homes about the block party.  He was helpful inside the shop, too, earning himself a bus pass and a set of headphones to use on the bus to his job interview next week.  He’s coming back to earn a Bike Library bike so he can get to work.

Kian San Onk visits from Houston, TX with his wife and daughter.  His 3-year old walks away with a new helmet.  Steve instructs her Mom how to fit the helmet when they get home.

Jason Probst, a neighbor came in with 2 children, because of the music, and talked to Scott about our services.  He’ll be back with their bikes some Thursday evening or Saturday.

Beatrix Watt visits and makes a $20 contribution to the SAVE the BBC North campaign.

Mayor Callahan visits and gets fitted with new helmet while Tim Gilman takes his picture for the newspapers.  He is interviewed by a reporter from Channel 69 and tells the world how important the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative is to Bethlehem’s Bicycle Heaven.  Mayor Callahan has agreed to work with CAT to make a video demonstrating legal confident, bicycle riding in downtown Bethlehem traffic.  The video will feature the mayor riding by himself across the Fahy Bridge.

Mathew Mabus, who earned a bicycle many years ago in the BBC, brought it back looking for something larger now that he is an adult.  He has his eye on a Motobocane Mountain bike in the CAR-FREE Bike Library.

Eric, Elias and Abe Scipio get the full treatment.  New helmets, fitted by pros, plus safety checks of their bikes and rides on the basic skills course.  Plus political conversations with the mayor and interviewed by Jen from Channel 69.  Later they come back for another ride through town with Scott Slingerland.

Malaka Soliman renews her family membership and has one of her son’s bikes to be checked out.  Before she leaves she decides to buy into the Bike Library program, picking a bike and riding for the first time in 2 years.

Janneke Bos comes in with 6-year old Liam & 2-month old daughter Gwen, all riding one bike with a tag-a-long on the back.  She helps eat the fruit from Edible Arrangements and the wraps from Hello Burrito.  She also gives a Reiki treatment to Frank Pavlick.

Frank Pavlick visits and takes a look at Steve Schmitt’s commuter bike and pronounces the wheel job safe to ride.  He wants to come back and give the whole bike the once over as it would be most ironic if the CAR-FREE.ORG Director died from mechanical failure.

Jamie Bothwell pays a family membership and gives his wife’s name, Dawn Bothwell, as a contact at Broughal Middle School in South Bethlehem, where we plan a bicycle educational event later this year.

Xiaoquing Li comes back from China and wants to use the same library bike that was set up for a commuting bike for her last year.  Conor Howland has this bike right now, so we will find out if he is ready to give it up.

Roy Young brings the bike racks from Parks storage facility to the parking lot next door so we would have enough bicycle parking.  At the end of the day he took them over to the Victory Fire House and Broughal Middle School for the South Side Film Festival.  The festival gave us a dozen movie passes to give to people learning to ride to the SSFF.  Come in Thursday evening or Saturday for a Bicycle Heaven Ride next week to earn your movie pass.

Anyone going on any Bicycle Heaven Ride will receive a FREE bicycle safety check.

CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

Dave Trautmann took the squeal out of his rear brake.

Gary Lader pumped up his tires.

Scott Slingerland checks out the wheel and rear derailleur on Steve’s commuter bike.  Also checked out a thunk in the front end which he thinks is in the fork.

J. worked on this bike and checked out several bikes that came in today.

Lee worked on his bike and also checked out several bikes that came in today.

Scott put one of the new super reflecting stickers on the back of his new panniers he got for his trip to North Carolina next month.

Bike Education:

Eric, Elias and Abe Scipio enjoy helmet education, ABC Quick Check, Basic Skills Course with Scott Slingerland.

Michelle, Reese and Riley McCann njoy helmet education, ABC Quick Check, Basic Skills Course with Scott Slingerland, Roy Young and J. Reisenberger.

Eric, Elias and Abe Scipio ride the streets of Bethlehem with Scott Slingerland.

Daniel Lader shows us how to fix a flat tire.

New & Renewing CAR-FREE Members Today:

Peter Crownfield

Malaka Soliman, Anas Sanadidi & Sahl Sanadidi

Jamie Bothwell & Dawn Bothwell


Bob Riggs gave an old Bell helmet that J. took to paint camo and wear when he costumes up for Halloween rides and what not.


A ton of people visited today, what with the music and all, but did not sign in .

Bike Library Activity:

Malaka Soliman paid $150 to start the bicycle library program.  Before the end of the day she had relearned to balance, start and stop, plus ride the basic skills course.  She rode for miles around the circular course and was excited to come back.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s):

Volunteer Coordinators:

  • Steve Schmitt


Roy Young

Lee Poole-Smith

Mathew Mabus

Tom Reese

Janneke Bos

Weather Today:

Started out in the low 60s and reached 78 degrees by the afternoon, with overcast skies at times, but mostly sunny with no rain.  wind NW 6mph and humidity 46%

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