May 12

Bethlehem Bicycle Jam #1 Report, May 12, 2012

Today was full of excitement with the Bethlehem Bicycle Jam taking place at Sand Island.    The Bicycle Jam consisted of helmet checks (and new helmets, free, to children under 14 years old), a mechanical safety check, a skills course staffed with professional instructors (LCIs), and rides on the Lehigh Canal towpath.

More than 15 cyclists, young and old, participated in the Bicycle Jam.  Those participating ranged from ages 3 to adult, including individuals and families.

LCI bicycle safety instructors Steve Schmitt, Brian Sherry, J. Dietrich Reisenberger, Scott Slingerland and Joyce Marin were on hand to support the educational mission of the event.

Cutters Bike Shop mechanic, Shawn provided wrench support for attendees with bicycles.

DJ Discreet provided aural entertainment, though his vinyl records began to warp as the afternoon heat set in and the temperature reached the high 70’s.


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