May 05

May 2012 CAR-FREE eNews

Bethlehem Bicycle Jam Set for Saturday, May 12
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The Bicycle Library Inventory Growing Rapidly

Bicycle Heaven in Bethlehem Graphic Contest

Have You Taken Bicycle Mechanics Yet?

Bethlehem Installs BMUFL Sign & SLMs on Fahy Bridge

Bethlehem Public Works Department installs Bikes May Use Full Lane Sign and Shared Lane Markings on the Fahy Bridge, April 6th, in response to the April 2nd incident in which a motorist hit CAR-FREE.ORG Advanced Mechanic Instructor, Frank Pavlick.

See the viral video about Frank’s dramatic Fahy Bridge incident on the Bethlehem Police Blog,

Help Improve the Lehigh Valley Public Trail Options

Director of Parks in Allentown Heads to Idaho


New Yield to Pedestrians Signs on Fahy Bridge

CAT Applauds PennDOT for Walkway on Fahy (New St.) Bridge

Enjoy the CAR-FREE Special Event-CAT WALK

Find your neighborhood walk score.

Improving Street Walkability Reduces Crime

Bicycle Heaven Rides

Learn to Ride Your Bike Confidently Anywhere



Donate to Ytsma Education Fund – Earn Bicycle Education

Sign the Petition for more Shared Lane Markings in the Lehigh Valley

(or download printable PDF version here)

People Who Volunteer Live LongerVolunteer for CAT

Take Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 written test online



CAR-FREE With Kids – True Life Stories

“Many youth today just do not care that much about cars. . .”



$$ Saved, Calories Used & Pollution Prevented by Biking

Rap Song Promotes Lighting Your Bike @ Night

Use ZimRide, Make $4,800



CAT Special Events Calendar

CAT Director’s Calendar



How Close You Live to Parks & Supermarket Help Determine Fitness



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