Apr 29

Bicycle Count & Behavior Survey


Bethlehem (4)

Broad & Main Streets (Southwest corner)

Third & New Streets (Southwest corner)

Greenway and Hayes Street (Southeast corner)

Linden & Elizabeth Streets (on the island)

Allentown (3)

7th & Hamilton

Hanover Avenue (and Maxwell, Irving or Carlisle)

South 8th & St. John Streets

Easton (3)

Easton Centre Square – West side

S. 3rd Street and Larry Holmes Drive at SW corner

N. 3rd Street and Bushkill Street SW corner

Counting Cyclists (2 counters work as a team, one an LCI)
Count only if between 50 and 80 degrees, sunny and wind below 10 mph
If these conditions do not hold, count is postponed to same hour following week
Count continues until all hours of the count duration (4:30AM-11:30PM) are observed

Duration of survey

19 hours/day 4:30AM-11:30PM

one fair weather day, using as many days as it takes to cover entire duration with fair weather

Tuesdays working in Easton only, Wednesdays in Allentown only & Thursdays in Bethlehem only

Surveys in future years may have fewer hours if 2012 surveys show little ridership in early or later hours of first surveys.

Weather–sky condition, temp., humidity, precipitation–should be noted on each spreadsheet.

Frequency of survey

Twice a year

May & October (try to find out times of year with maximum rider miles)

First sample counts in May 2012

Comprehensive counts Spring & Fall 2012 through 2015

Type of bicycle (put in notes if tricycle)







Age cyclist (estimated)

Gender of cyclist (Mark NS if not sure)


Legal Behaviors

Riding correct direction on street

Obeying signs & signals

Having correct lights when riding in the dark

Avoiding riding on the sidewalk

Correct lane  and position in the lane for action at intersection

Wearing helmet (if under 12)

Optimal Behaviors

Avoiding door zone

Wearing helmet (if 12 or over)

Correct seat height

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