Mar 31

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Saturday March 31

Elliot Warren upgrades his ride.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for Members and Guests every Thursday from 5-9pm and Saturday from 8AM to 4PM. We are located at 14 West Raspberry in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Weather:  42 degrees and misty rain

CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

  • Lee Poole-Smith helped Elliot and Gary Warren set his new bike so the front shifter stays in low gear.  Lee also worked on the light and lock for the bike as well as checking the entire bike over.
  • Steve Schmitt pumped up his tires
  • Gary Lader brought in his road commuting bike.  Lee checked his brakes and shifters and discovered he needs a new chain.  Gary is going to buy a new chain and come back next Saturday to install.

Bike Education:

Elliot Warren came in for basic bicycle education with his dad, Gary.  Elliot learned to stop and start off his saddle.  This was hard but necessary because Elliot is moving from a kid’s bike with a coaster brake to a bike with hand brakes plus he is going to start riding in the street from his home to his school with his dad.  Elliot did very well learning how to follow his dad single file, when to walk his bike where there are pedestrians, how to signal his turns and how to scan.   He got a new helmet, too.

Steve Schmitt went on a destination ride to PNC bank in South Bethlehem and the Bethlehem Area Public Library.

Andrud Morales went on a Bicycle Heaven Ride with Lee Poole-Smith to Andrud’s house to pick-up his community service paperwork.  Andrud is finishing his required community service hours to graduate from Liberty High School

Elliot Warren got a lesson from his dad, Gary Warren, about how his new bike is upgraded from his previous bike.  His new bike, a CAR-FREE Bike Library, had two derailleurs, two hand brakes, and a front headlight.  With this bike Elliot must move his

Fred  Kerfonta of Whitehall brought in a bike he bought at Walmart.  He got a lesson in why you don’t want to buy a bike from a department store.  His bike had rim failure, his rear stays were bent, plus the usual dysfunctional shifters, brakes and other parts.  Steve and Lee tried to talk him into buying his replacement bike from a full service bike shop.

Gary learned about chain wear, how to know when to change a chain (measure the chain with the proper tool)  and what happens if you don’t change a chain in time (you have to replace the cassette and chain wheels, too).


New & Renewing CAR-FREE Members Today:

Elliot Warren (Bike Library)

Lee Poole-Smith (Gold BBC Membership)


Jeanne Schevets of Emmaus donated a Schwinn hybrid bike.  Lee put a new quick release on the front wheel and Andrud cleaned it up.

Fred Kerfonta donated a Walmart bike for parts.  It lasted him less than two months before rim failure.

Ed Terek donated a wonderful Cannondale road bike.



Jeanne Schevets talked with Steve about taking Basic Bicycle Mechanics and Traffic Skills 101.

Bike Library Activity:

Elliot Warrent became a Bike Library member today.  He is now riding the snake skin tired bike that once was Conor Buck’s, Eli Svoboda’s before that and Michael Smith’s before that.  This is a great first bike for a 9-10 year old to learn to ride in the street.

Gary Lader talked to Steve about the bicycle library.  He tried out the Bianchi hybrid.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s) on duty:

Andrud Morales working with LCI Scott Slingerland

Volunteer Coordinators:

  • Steve Schmitt


  • Lee Poole Smith did a million jobs as usual.
  • Ron Teodoro vacuumed and organized the entire shop.
  • Andrud Morales (Liberty High School Community Service Requirement) did a bunch of scanning in preparation for the big CAR-FREE.ORG move.
  • Steve talked with Gary Warren about his working at the new BBC West in return for his daughter Faith becoming a Bicycle Library Member.
  • Gary Lader converted the WDIY community forum show to three files that we could upload to youtube:

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Opening Responsibilities:

  • Steve

Closing Responsibilities:

  • Steve


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