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On March 1, 2012, our landlord, Fred Achey, gave us notice that he is losing too much money allowing CAT to stay at 14 West Raspberry Street for just $100/month.  In a meeting March 30, Achey, the owner of Apex Management, agreed to give CAT an additional 2 months at the current rent with the rent going up $100 a month thereafter until it reaches $800/month.  We greatly appreciate Fred Achey allowing CAR-FREE CAT to operate for 21 months at 14 West Raspberry Street with a nominal rent.  But now we must move.  CAT will hold a special Save the BBC Block Party on Saturday May 19th to raise money to move and to find & finance a new location in downtown North Bethlehem.

So what is going to happen between now and May 30th?

Administrative Offices

We will be moving our administrative  offices to the Forte Building in South Bethlehem.  Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley has agreed to give CAT access to excellent office space, a computer laboratory, a classroom, a community room and a board room for meetings at 1337 East Fifth Street for a nominal rent.

Satellite Bike Cooperatives

Thanks to generous terms from CAR-FREE CAT Advisory Committee Member, Barrett Ladd, we may be able to open a new BBC West at 1935 Broad Street in West Bethlehem.  There will be a zoning hearing on April 25 to determine if our application for a variance to operate a Bike Cooperative is approved.  Between now and the hearing on the variance we are allowed only to clean the building.  Work crews for cleaning are scheduled every Wednesday from 5-9PM and Sundays from 10AM to 2PM.  Already League Cycling Instructor J. Dietrich Reisenberger has been hard at work removing old ceiling tiles and carpet.  CAT Member, Sue Hohe, used her truck to haul the garbage away.

If the variance is approved, the hours of operation for BBC West will be Wednesday from 5-9PM and Sundays from Noon to 4PM..  If you want to help, either with the cleaning or the operation of this facility please call the CAR-FREE Bike Director, Scott Slingerland: 845 430 6552 or email bikedirector@car-free.org.

We are looking for 750-1000 square feet of space (must have operational toilet & sink) as close to the existing Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative as possible to maintain a satellite facility in North Bethlehem also.  If you have an idea where we could rent such a space at a nominal cost for the next year or two, please call or email the CAR-FREE CAT Director, Steve Schmitt: 610 707 2483 or director@car-free.org.

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative Main Site

We are looking at several locations in South Bethlehem where we hope to move the educational bike shop for mechanic classes, the main storage for bicycles, parts, accessories and some of the bicycle library bikes.  We are looking for 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, preferably near a parking lot or parking deck that is not fully utilized  in the evening and on the weekends.

People & Stuff We Need

Volunteers to scan historical CAR-FREE documents so we don’t have to move file cabinets full of old paper

Volunteer work crews on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings 5-9PM, plus Saturdays 8AM-4PM and Sundays Noon-4PM.  Please call or email the CAR-FREE.ORG office: 610 954 5744 or cat@car-free.org.

Things we need:  Dehumidifiers, trucks & drivers and people willing to make phone calls or knock on doors to ask CAT members and the public for donations.

Stuff We Have to Find a Home For

File cabinets

Bike frames and accessories

Emergency Moving Fund

Unfortunately we will face additional costs over the next several months to move.  Our total rent will probably increase as will our utility costs.  So please consider renewing your CAR-FREE CAT membership and/or your BBC Membership.  If you could make a donation to the Emergency Moving Fund it would help a lot.  Use the button on our home page.  Thanks to our Google grant we pay no fees when you donate to CAR-FREE CAT or pay for classes or dues using a credit card online.

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