Mar 08

Bicycle Heaven in Bethlehem and Beyond on WDIY Live

WDIY’s popular Thursday evening, March 8, 2012 Lehigh Valley Discourse program features the Bicycle Heaven in Bethlehem program at CAT.  The guests include: Bethlehem Police Commissioner Jason Schiffer; CAR-FREE CAT’s Bike Director and League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor (LCI) Scott Slingerland; CAR-FREE CAT Shop Manager and Mechanic Instructor, LCI Frank Pavlick;Bicycle Commuter and New Mom Janneke Bos; CAR-FREE CAT Administrative Assistant and Bicycle Commuter Meg Buck and CAR-FREE CAT Director and LCI Steve Schmitt.

The host of the show is Arnie Lichten, who is a graduate of the Smart Cycling: Traffic Skills 101 course.  On WDIY 88.1 you can hear your favorite cyclists talking up biking in Bethlehem and beyond.

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