Feb 25

BBC Bike Library – Rules for Borrowing

*Please review and understand the Rules for Borrowing, listed below.

  1. Bike Library users must hold current BBC Gold Membership with $150 paid upfront + $12.50/month for one year.
  2. Prior to borrowing, Bike Library user must first pass Basic Bike Education (under age 14) or Traffic Skills 101 (age 14 to adult).
  3. Bike Library user must have basic maintenance instruction from a League Cycling Instructor. The Bike Library User may take the Basic Bike Maintenance class with no additional fee.
  4. Only one bike may be checked out at-a-time.
  5. Please print and sign the BBC Bike Library User Agreement, when you plan to sign out a bicycle or trailer.
  6. Bikes borrowed from the Library must be renewed or returned every 30 days.
  7. Member will be charged the FULL value of the bike lost, stolen, or not renewed every 30 days.
  8. Member shall obey all traffic laws and wear helmet during use.
  9. Member responsible for costs of repair due to damage beyond normal wear.
  10. Member responsible for locking bike to protect against theft (you will be charged the value of the bike if it is stolen).
  11. Member responsible for storing bike out of the elements (rain, snow, etc.).

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