Feb 16

Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Thursday February 16

Joshua Buck tows one of his bikes with the other.

What do you do when  you want to work on two of your bikes at the BBC?  Ride them both to the Co-op.

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for Members and Guests every Thursday from 5 to 9PM. We are located at 14 West Raspberry in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Bike Education:

LCIs Brian Sherry and Steve Schmitt talked about the continued effort to put Shared Lane Markings and Bikes May Use Full Lane Signs on Linden & Turner Streets.  These signs would complement the education programs planned for Allentown.  Unfortunately these plans have been blocked (despite funding and consensus) by misguided and failed efforts to put in unsafe on road bicycle facilities.  Fortunately a consensus of professional traffic engineers, police administrators and political leaders are with the expert cyclists on this issue.

CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

J. Dietrich builds his race Lemond at the BBC.  Nearing completion he runs into struggles with the front shifter jamming internally.

Joshua Buck removes chunks of aluminum from his front brake pads



Lee Poole-Smith working on a million different things, this time on his own bike


2009 CareerLink graduate, Joe,  revisited to discuss using the BBC Bicycle Library to mobilize via bicycle for transportation.  Joe had previously taken Traffic SKills 101 at the BBC.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s) on duty:

  • Scott Slingerland
  • Brian Sherry
  • Steve Schmitt

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Steve Schmitt
  • Scott Slingerland


  • Lee Poole-Smith




Opening Responsibilities:

Scott and Steve

Closing Responsibilities:


CASH/CHECKS Received (Put in lockbox)


Join CAT and you can use our Park Tool Set from Noon to 4 PM any Saturday!

CAT Membership Page

Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative? Write the Volunteer Coordinator.

Today, the BBC is sponsored in part by Google, Genesis Bicycles and Apex Management.

Perhaps you would like to sponsor all or some part of the days’ events. We need help paying for helmets, instructor time and other bills. It costs about $150 for Thursday evening and $500 for all day Saturday to run the BBC. A significant contribution towards these costs by you or your business will be prominently displayed as a sponsor for the day including documentation within this report. Please write now if you are interested. Write the Bike Director

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