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Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative eNews – Saturday, February 11, 2011

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative (BBC) is open for Members and Guests every Saturday from 8AM to 4PM. We are located at 14 West Raspberry in beautiful, downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

CAT members using BBC Tools with mechanic assistance:

Whoops, waited a bit too long to replace this brake pad!

Steve Schmitt: I thought I had some serious road grit in my front brake pads.  Turned out be pad replacement time, big time.  I had to use only my rear brake for a while as my front brake was in self destruct mode.  Ended up having to replace my front wheel.  Luckily we have a good one in the salvaged parts.  Also put on new V brake arms on the front wheel, too.  Thank you Nick & Jesse DeJesus for cleaning the bike for me.    Scott & Lee installed a new chain.  Thank you Lee Poole-Smith for all the assembling, truing and adjusting on my bike.

Tony on the CAT Library Bike he rebuilt.

Anthony Buccino completed his assembly of the Bianchi hybrid bike donated by John Hoffer.  It goes into the Bicycle Librarywith Anthony as its first customer.  He is riding it to the SteelStax Farmers Market on the 2PM Bicycle Heaven destination ride.  Julie Vitale and Scott Slingerland also went on this ride.  They are all eligible to win the special reflective jacket we are giving away to someone who goes on a destination ride during February.

Barry Shook

Barry Shook brought in his commuter bike in for a lube job on his drive chain.  Pumped his tired up, too.

J. Reisenberger has been building up a bike around a Lemond frame given to South Mtn Cycles by Bill Strickland, Editor at Large for Bicycling Magazine.  South Mtn gave it to J.  With Frank Pavlick’s help and parts donated by Frank and friends of J. and Frank this will be one sweet ride.

Joshua Buck rode two bikes in, his Yuba towing his Bianchi road bike.  He installed new fenders on his Bianchi.

Joshua Buck

By 10AM the BBC was busy, busy, busy with half a dozen people working on bikes.

Bike Education:

Julie ready to leave on the ride to SteelStax Farmers’ Market.

Julie Vitale and Tony Buccino went on the Bicycle Heaven destination ride to SteelStax Farmers Market with LCI Scott Slingerland.

Steve Schmitt learned a lot from Lee Poole-Smith today while they worked on replacing Steve’s brake arms.

Barry Shook learned about the relationship between the truing of his wheels and the rubbing of his brake pads.

New & Renewing Members:





R. Follweiler, who lives on New Street in Bethlehem, came in and took a BBC brochure.

League of American Bicyclists certified Cycling Instructor(s) on duty:

Steve Schmitt

Scott Slingerland

Volunteer Coordinators:

Steve Schmitt



Nick DeJesus cleaning & lubing Steve’s front brake cable.

Nick and Jesse DeJesus are doing community service for their community service requirement to graduate from Liberty High School

Lee Poole-Smith, CAT’s ace volunteer mechanic is on the job.

Tony Buccino continues his excellent work prepping new CAT Library Bikes.

Joshua Buck helped Barry Shook with his drive train clean and lube.

Ron Teodora came in as always about 11AM and swept the floors, vacuumed the carpets and emptied the garbage containers.  Thank you Ron for doing this essential job for CAT and the BBC for many years.


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Would you like to volunteer to help on Thursday or Saturday at the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative? Write the Volunteer Coordinator.

Today, the BBC is sponsored in part by Google, Genesis Bicycles and Apex Management .

Opening Responsibilities:

Steve did the usual and also tore up some sheets for rags.

Closing Responsibilities:


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