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Oct 01

The road at night is your own

God, I love riding in this transition to the the autumn rain! The urgent chirping of the crickets, lack of cars, the sheen of the road melding with the sensation of skimming the skin of friction through the apex of corners, garments weighted with moisture, the chirp of the brakes sending a harmony of caution …

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Oct 01

Thoughts on a Mountain Bike

First climb, lungs and legs burning Crisp Autumn air, leaves crackling under the tires Sweat begins to build No sound but the hush of the tires on dirt and my breathing Finally reach the top of the climb, beautiful view Fast descent down the backside of the mountain Wind rushing by my ears, The sound …

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Apr 05

Car Ownership is so 20th Century

Car Ownership is so 20th Century dedicated to Frank Pavlick Car ownership is costly, uncool, unsound. So unhealthy &  silly, so earthly bound. GoLoCo.  ZimRide, ZipCar or GetaRound Buy a phone, get an app, download rides into town.  

Apr 04

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