CAT – Coalition for Appropriate Transportation

CAT is an educational charity encouraging bicycling, walking, public transportation, ride sharing and local trail use in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, now celebrating our 20th year of incorporated existence. Our programs include the Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative, Love Your Local Trail, Adopt-a-Bus Stop and the Walk-to-School Photo Contest.

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  • For office work call 610 954 5744 M-W-F between 10:30-12:30
  • If you like biking, volunteer at our educational bike shop Thur. 5-9PM or Saturday 8AM-4PM (Opens 10AM January & February)

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2014 October CAR-FREE eNews

The Bethlehem Bicycle Cooperative will be open during October only from 8AM to Noon on Saturdays or when a League of American Bicyclist certified Cycling Instructor (LCI) is available. Please call the CAR-FREE CAT office at 610 954 5744 or email If you know Frank Pavlick, Scott Slingerland, Gary Warren or Steve Schmitt you …

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