The Careerlink/PIC "Bike-to-Work" Program is designed to provide transportation for individuals who are job seeking, but have no other means to get to their job.  Education, bicycles, helmets, other necessary accessories (lights, locks, cargo racks), a one-year BBC bronze membership and a 6-month maintenance warranty are provided by CAT-Coalition for Appropriate Transportation. 

Bicycles provided through the program are chosen based on the expected type of commute the candidate will make (distance, surface conditions), their height and weight, and physical limitations-flexibility.  Bicycles are carefully overhauled and tuned by BBC mechanics prior to being awarded to graduates.  The typical bicycle receives 6 - 8 manhours of labor to be road-ready for Bike-to-Work clients.

It is the goal of the training program that candidates gain the know-how to ride safely, legally and confidently in traffic, so that they are able to use the bicycle as effective transportation to get to work, year-round, day or night.  Students are encouraged to use their bicycle in combination with bike racks on all LANTA's Metro buses to extend their range of possible job locations.

Many graduates return to visit CAT and report that riding their bicycles daily gives them transportational freedom, better physical and emotional well-being and pride in being able to maintain their own machines.
CAT Bicycle Cooperative
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Bike-to-Work Program
(administered by Careerlink/PIC-Private Industry Council)
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