The Traffic Skills 101 training that all candidates must pass to receive their bicycle is an eight (8) hour course which includes classroom training, mechanic's workshop training and riding experience (practicing basic and emergency handling skills, plus in-traffic riding). 

    *What they protect and don't protect
    *Proper sizing and adjustment
Choosing a bike
    *Types of bicycles
    *Bike fit
    *Seat height
ABC Quick Check
    *Tires and air pressure
    *Brake levers and pads
    *Cranks and other bearing sets
    *Quick releases
    *Handlebars and stem
Basic Skills
    *Straight line
Emergency Procedures
    *At-speed rock dodge & avoidance weave
    *Instant turn
    *Emergency stop
    *Scan test
Riding Tips
    *Tool bag contents/accessories
    *Fixing a flat tire
Traffic Stream
    *Flowing with traffic safely
    *Entry into traffic: Look left-right-left, again
    *Scanning and yielding
    *Drive bike like any other vehicle
    *Move in a straight line
    *Obey traffic signs and signals
    *Ride single file
Lane positioning
    *Ride in the correct lane
    *Avoid parked car doors
    *First come, first serve
    *Ride on the right side of the road
    *Faster vehicles pass on the left
Principles of Effective Cycling
   1. Be visible
   2. Be predictable
   3. Be alert
   4. Be assertive
Mixed-Use Paths
    *No engineering standards or user rules
    *User conflicts
    *Unusual hazards
    *Dogs, plants or other unpredictable users
Traffic Skills 101 Class Milestones
    *Read book "Smart Cycling"
    *Watch video "Enjoy the Ride"
    *Written test
    *Practice basic skills course
    *Practice road ride
    *Road test ride

Learn At-Your-Own Pace:   It takes students 4 to 8 hours to complete the requirements of this course.  For convenience, TS101 can be taken in a single day, or broken into 2 or 3 visits to the BBC.  Contact us with your schedule and we will work with you. 

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